que es mejor hercules 4 mix o 4 set

El DJ Console 4-Mx, uno de Hércules’ latest entre el planeta de 4-deck mixer/controller/soundcards, está en mid-sized metal mixing machine with enough buttons, knobs, y también special features to provide for most controllers on the market today. Weighing en las siete pounds, portability, functionality, y moderno estiling del 4-Mx make es una enorme ganancia para la frat party rockero oro el DJ-on-the-go.

Black and silver metal casing of the 4-Mx, conjuntado con el array of bright blue LEDs, transporta el controller a sleek, edgy, moderno appeal as well as durability and a solid design. The heavy-duty-looking ¼-inch TRS jacks son asimismo en nice touch. While this unit is perhaps no es hefty or rugged thousand-dollar Pioneer oro Allen & Heath unit, it’s certainly more importante than something like la Vestax Typhoon oro en Numark Mixtrack Pro. which makes it the perfect carry-on for long trans-Atlantic flights (or walking to your buddy’s house party).

In use

Unit es considerablemente más compacta que, say, el Traktor Kontrol S4, pero everything es spaced out enough to make it no too fiddly to use. Of los controles básicos, debo entender y fundimos los juegos para ser geniales – maibe en el mal chisso en la utilización de juegos de la música se music going you’re never going to notice the physical noise as you manhandle them. The now up there with the best, allowing you to scratch and nudge with ease.

EQs son precisamente no para faint-hearted; There also kill switches – a nice adición, y one, no enough manufacturers fit their kit in my view. Four keys allow you to navigate up and down folders and through your tonels in your library – you cánido also put the jogwheels int play here as they allow you to scroll quickly up and down if you keep either the up or down button.

Build quality of the Universal DJ controller

Al año DJ controller, we always rápidamente check out the jog wheels (en especial if you’re scratchers like us, pero who isn’t ? Estos están en large size de 11cm diameter, se we cánido easily fit su hands over them with no problem. They’re made of a harder plastic casing which surrounds the wheels, and the center diameter is of nice aluminum metal surface. They’re very slick pero no too slippery, y s 1 spin will rotate abou two times. Scratching on these for les no es inconveniente y tiene una secuencia de fun with them — no skips, jumps, o inconvenientes getting in our flow and groove. They’re a bit lass slick than some other DJ controllers we’ve used (singularmente in the higher range, we’re talking thousands, though), pero we were able to get aound that and become accustomed to the feel with no problem.

Let’s talk faders, knobs y buttons. Para uno, el máster fader es harder plastic pero no es requisito cheaply made — usted tiene la posibilidad de asimismo eliminar ei fader y knob easily if you ever need to replace them. Debe perro’t cambiar la sensitivity de esta internally, pero en el primer punto que no es expected. El pitch faders asimismo clickea once y tiene el centro de nivel, que es además de esto para su particular while you’re performing (crossfader and deck volume faders do not). Scratching with el fader no es inconveniente para empleo, pero solo es conveniente a tougher kickback, que es justo a personal preference. Para su performance buttons, we were actually verdaderamente surprised at how nice these feel. They’re a higher-quality pressure-sensitive rubber que debe fundamentar finish on top, all with numbers that also light up for easy recolección in middle of recording or equipo.


La edición de Hercules RMX es buena opción para djs que se vieron con un controlador robusto para ingresar las cartas con aceptable price. Nueve para Re-loops, Spins, Typhoons y Numark all rowing the market, new djs have a lot of choices. Con el objetivo de emplear su historia útil, deberíamos agrandar los ojos de todos y cada uno de los controladores desde $500. ¡If you have any sugestions, leche les know if the comments!

Setting up the DJControl Inpulse 500 en PC con Serato DJ Lite

Para conectar the Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500, introduzca su completa la versión de Serato installed.

  • Connect speakers and headphones to Inpulse 500
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